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Convenient shopping and all-new dining options

  • A brand new, 65,000 square foot Giant grocery store

  • Dynamic mix of new restaurants and neighborhood services such as cleaners, bank and salon

  • Additional shops offering a variety of soft goods such as toys, clothing, gifts, etc.

  • No “big-box” retail

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Improved traffic safety measures and parking

  • Free above-ground retail parking

  • Improved traffic patterns to reduce neighborhood cut through traffic

  • New intersections with modern crosswalks

  • Improved pedestrian and bicycle connectivity, with new intersections including modern crosswalks and all-new bike lanes

  • Separate parking for residential units


Fresh landscaping and open green spaces

  • Dedicated green space for the Springfield Neighborhood Park with new playground area

  • Programmed open space for farmers’ markets, outdoor concerts and community celebrations

  • An enhanced pedestrian experience along Westbard Avenue

  • Improved pedestrian connectivity to neighboring communities

  • Streetscape with wide sidewalks and tree-lined streets

  • An interior network of streets, allowing for up to one street closure for community events

  • New plantings and enhanced storm water management

Enhanced, environmentally-conscious design

  • Sustainable development techniques

  • Significant green space to reduce amount of impervious surface

  • Green roofs to reduce impervious surface

  • Site design to slow runoff and filter pollutants (all storm water captured onsite)

  • Hundreds of new trees to improve air quality and reduce urban heat